Single Action vs Double Action Firearms

Traditional firearms require certain actions that must be done sequentially for the gun to fire. The guns that require the owner to do each action separately are Single Action firearms. The firearm that requires one action from the owner for the gun to perform multiple actions is a Double Action firearm.

Single Action

Single Action revolvers have a mechanism that requires the hammer to be pulled back for the gun to be “cocked”. Once this is done, the hammer will be held by a safety device until the gun is fired.

Pros VS Cons

Because Single Action revolvers are limited to only one action, the amount of effort that goes into cocking the device is much more than that of a double action revolver.

However, many choose Single Action firearms because it is perceived to be safer. As compared to a double action revolver where there is no need to cock it again once it’s ready to fire, it is fairly impossible for a Single Action revolver to go off accidentally once it’s been fired.

Double Action Revolver

A Double Action revolver, also known as Dual Action, works with just the single pull of the trigger. This both cocks the hammer and releases the load, ready to fire.

Pros VS Cons

Double Action revolvers are popular because it requires less manipulation to use. There is little need to practice and master this firearm because you only need to pull the trigger.

As mentioned above, Double Action revolvers are considered to be unsafe because there is no traditional safety lock. Manufacturers, on the other hand, say that Double Action firearms are still relatively safe because they require much more pressure to pull the trigger and fire the gun.