SASS Scoring and Timing

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) has very clear rules on how they score and time your performance during competitions. If you’re interested in joining fellow Old-West aficionados in reigniting the cowboy flame, here are some of the things you need to know regarding scoring and timing:

SASS shooting matches are based upon two things; your elapsed shooting time and added penalty points for missed targets.

Each stage is scored individually with the total combined score for all stages being the qualifying score to see if you ranked in a place of finish.

Ranking score is also used at the END of TRAIL SASS Regionals. This would be at the discretion of all affiliated clubs. Ranking score is often used when all the stages in a match are not of the same duration or difficulty. An alternative to ranked scores would be in scoring based on total time or stage point scoring.

The male and female with the best score will be recognized at the SASS competition and will be named the overall winners.

All targets must be hit with their appropriate type firearm. Failure to do so will be defined as a “miss”. Missed targets are scored as 5-second additions to your raw time.

Procedurals are unintentional “mistakes” that often happen when a competitor engages in a different manner than the traditional way. These are scored as 10-second additions to your raw time. Minor safety infractions are also a 10-second penalty that is added to the competitor’s raw time.

If there is ever a dispute with the overall score and time, a competitor can politely and immediately appeal to the Range Master. The Range Master will consider the appeal based on rules and policies of the competition.