Single Action Shooting Tips - Consistency

Single Action Shooting, or Cowboy Action Shooting, may be unlike any other shooting sport, but consistency is still important when competing in a sport like this.

There are around 8-10 stages in a Single Action Shooting competition. Each stage is different in terms of location of targets and the process of engagement. Each stage of the competition will be scored as a separate event and will be added up at the end of the last stage.

Single Action Shooting is certainly not for the faint-hearted. In a single competition, having 8-10 individual stages will take time. It is usual for these events to last the whole day long.

If you’re a shooting enthusiast with love for the Old West, you might want to give this sport a try. To jumpstart your Single Action Shooting experience, here is a tip when joining an event:

Be Consistent

It is important to be consistent in each stage of the competition. If you do good in the first few stages, but fail to keep the pace in the latter stages, you’ll lose a lot of points.

It’s important to remain consistent and to stay within your comfort zone when shooting. Don’t worry about the other shooter’s time, accuracy or overall performance. What you need to worry about is hitting that target with precision.

Maintain Your Own Pace

If you have a bad stage, as most shooters do, don’t psyche yourself out and enter the next stage too pumped up. While a little determination will get you a long way, stressing about your time just might backfire on you. Just shoot clean and maintain your own pace.