Single Action Shooting Tips – Stamina

Single Action Shooting events usually last all day long. When there are around 8-12 individual stages in a day, it just isn’t possible to have the same energy and stamina as you had when you just arrived.

Single Action Shooting requires both energy and stamina. Many shooters, especially those who are new to the sport, begin to waiver when the afternoon matches come up. And if you’re competing in both the morning and afternoon, having less energy will significantly affect the way you approach, perceive and perform during the competition.

For some Single Action Shooting tips on how to keep your energy and stamina high during such events, here are a few things to try:

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are essential to help you maintain a healthy body. In particular, potassium and calcium should be high on your list. This is because when the body exerts energy, these are the minerals that are easily depleted. To regain energy, you’d need to take vitamin supplements for potassium and calcium early in the morning and once again at noon. This will helps fight against fatigue during shooting events.


Aside from the vitamins and minerals, your body will also need a light breakfast before you start your day. Try to keep your coffee intake low and drink lots of water. Also, stay away from food that is greasy and high in sodium. Lunch should also be light, just enough to replenish your body.

Getting to perform well at a Single Action Shooting competition may be hard but it is also a lot of fun. Remember to keep up your energy and stamina with these tips, but don’t forget to have an awesome fun time as well.