The Spirit of Single Action Shooting

Single Action Shooting isn’t your ordinary shooting competition. It’s all about the Old West back in the late 1800s and your passion for the cowboy lifestyle. And in this sport, there is something they call the Spirit of the Game.

As Single Action Shooting evolved, all of its participants and members have adopted an attitude towards the sport. This attitude is the Spirit of the Game.

When you compete in the Spirit of the Game, this means that you are fully prepared to participate and compete with what the game requires. You won’t look for ways to outdo or create an advantage over the other competitors. You are completely willing to follow all of the rules and shooting procedure the game allows.

Some people would refer to the Spirit of the Game as good sportsmanship. Whatever you call it, if you don’t embrace the Spirit of the Game, then Single Action Shooting might not be your sport.

An infraction occurs when a shooter intentionally disregards the stage rules in order to acquire an advantage in the game. An infraction simply means that points will be taken from your overall score or your total time. This penalty will make you lose either your time or your points.

One example of an infraction is when you do not embrace the Spirit of the Game within 30-seconds of the game. Also, shooting ammunition that does not meet the minimum velocity is another infraction to be wary of.

In every game, two Spirit of the Game penalties will get you disqualified to compete in the match.