What to Expect at a Single Action Shooting Match

Each stage at a Single Action Shooting match is different. Sometimes, shooters will be required to use one gun, and sometimes they’ll be asked to use both guns. There are also matches where a shooter is required to reload a firearm while being timed. This helps keep the whole sport interesting and fresh.

In a match, when the shooter comes to his/her line, they’ll have to place their guns as in the guidelines. When it’s their turn to stand in the start position, the Range Officer will approach the shooter and ask if there are any clarifications in the course of fire. This helps erase any doubts or questions of the shooter before commencing the match. If there are no questions, the Range Officer will ask if the shooter is ready. If the shooter is ready, the Range Officer will start the timer and the shooter will begin the stage after hearing the audible electronic call.

An example of a Single Action Shooting match might have the competitor draw the first revolver and shoot 5 steel targets, holster the revolver and move to where the rifle is placed. After getting the rifle, the next step would be to engage the targets which are set farther away than revolver targets. Rifle targets could be 9 separate targets, or even 3 targets which the competitor would have to ‘sweep’ 3 times. After doing this, the next stage would be the shotgun match. Given that all shotguns must be empty, the competitor would have to load it with a maximum of 2 rounds, engage 2 knock-down targets, reload another 2 rounds and engage the last 2 knock-down targets. If the targets don’t fall down, the competitor doesn’t score. The last stage would be the 2nd revolver match. This time, a competitor would have to engage 3 revolver targets in a ‘Nevada Sweep’ style (left, center, right center, left) 5 times.

Once all stages of the competition is over, the competitor would be asked by the Range Officer to take the guns to the Unloading Table where a designated person will supervise the unloading of guns and make sure that all firearms are unloaded.

After this, it’s all down to the total time and score.