How to Choose Your Single Action Shooting Firearms

Single Action Shooting (SAS) is all about the Old West, right from the clothing, the firearms and all the way to your SAS alias. It embraces the general way of life as it was on the frontiers of America back in the 1800s.

Since you probably already know a little about SAS, the best place to start learning a little bit more is by getting to know the type of firearms used. Naturally, the firearms would have to be typical firearms that cowboys and ranch owners used to own back in the 1800s. This is mostly the reason why SAS firearms don’t come cheap. Not too long ago, you could buy a firearm of your choice for $2000. Today, you’d need at least double that amount to find a suitable gun.

If you’re interested in getting into Cowboy Action Shooting, you need to know the basics before you splurge on your first SAS firearm.

To help you, here are some tips on how to choose your single action shooting firearms:

  1. Go to a Single Action Shooting Club. Most clubs open their doors to individuals interested getting into SAS. Here, you’ll be exposed to the usual firearms that Single Action shooters are already using. Take note of the usual firearms for future reference.
  2. Ask to Try Other Shooters Firearms. Most shooters are very generous with their knowledge and secrets, especially if you join their club, and would even let you try out their firearms. Take advantage of this and try to use as many different firearms as you can. This way, you’ll get to know which one you’re most comfortable with.
  3. Choose Your Category. Single Action Shooting has multiple categories. Most shooters start out in the Traditional category. Here, you could opt for a pair of Ruger Vaquero single-action revolvers with a .32 to .45 caliber, a lever-action rifle 1894 Marlin Cowboy and a double-barrel pump action. If, perhaps, you were to join the Classic Cowboy category, you’d need a double barrel or lever-action shotguns with external hammers and single-action revolvers and rifles .40 caliber or higher. Be sure to know exactly what types of firearms are required in the category of your choice.