The History of Single Action Shooting

Single Action Shooting, also called Cowboy Shooting and Western Shooting, is a type of shooting sports that relives the way of life in the Old West back in the 1800s. From the type of firearms used to the period-correct clothing – Single Action Shooting is surely one of the most interesting and fastest growing shooting sports today.

 When did Single Action Shooting begin?

In 1981, Harper Creigh, an avid sporting shooter, was watching old western movies one afternoon when he suddenly got the idea to use old western firearms in his next shooting match. He called up shooting buddies Gordon David and Bill Hahn and presented the idea to them. Harper Creigh is the first member of SASS (SASS member #1) with an alias Judge Roy Bean.

Where did it start?

Single Action Shooting first started at a shooting range in Coto de Caza, California. At first, there weren’t many rules that governed the sport. But as more people began to join the sport, an assemblage of rules began to take shape and Single Action Shooting gradually became the revered shooting sports it is today.

A year after Harper Creigh got the idea of shooting with old west firearms, the first End of Trail was introduced. It took place in April 1982 with 65 registered shooters. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that an official Single Action Shooting Society was formed.

Single Action Shooting Today

Single Action Shooting is now one of the fastest growing shooting sports in America. It attracts shooters from all over the country, and from all over the world. The beauty of this shooting competition is that it doesn’t just test one’s skills in shooting accuracy, but brings back to life the cowboy lifestyle once popular in the late 1800s.