Facts about the Colt Revolver

Single Action Shooters aren’t just huge fans of the Old West. They’re pretty keen gun enthusiasts too.

If you’re a gun enthusiast yourself, here are some facts about the Colt Revolver that you might not have known just yet.

Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt because a very rich man in the early 1800s because of his pistol. His advanced knowledge in firearms led him to become of the most highly recognized inventors and businessmen of his time.

The First Colt Revolver

Up to the mid-1840s, the typical firearms that you would find people using were single-shot muzzle loaders that needed action on its wheel lock, flintlock and percussion ignition to fire. In short, it took a long time before one could engage.

In 1835, Samuel Colt patented his personal percussion revolver. This gun had a revolving cylinder drilled with multiple chambers. They were loaded using powder and ball from the front.

The Finish

There are two primary finishes on the outside of Colt guns. These are the blue finish and the nickel finish.

The blue finish contains a color case hardened frame while the nickel finish gives the firearm an authentic Old West feel.

Barrels and Calibers

The original Single Action Colt revolver was an army model with a barrel of 7.5 inches. Other Colt revolvers are either made with 4.75 and 5.5 inch barrels.

As for caliber size, Colt revolvers come in 6 standard calibres; .45, .357, .32/20, .38, .44/40 and .38/40.

Other Revolvers

After Colt’s first revolver was introduced, he started making other revolvers such as the Walker Colt, the Single Action Army revolver and the Colt Python.

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Company

In 1855, Samuel colt incorporated the Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Company. Within just a year, the company manufactured 150 firearms a day. Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Company was located in Connecticut.