How to Choose Your Single Action Shooting Belt and Loading Strip

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Wait! What about your Cartridge Belt and Loading Strip?

Single Action Shooting requires a lot of attention to detail. If you want to rock at being the coolest cowboy to ever join the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), you need to start paying attention to even the smallest things. Like your cartridge belt and loading strip, for instance.

If you need help making up your mind, here are some tips on how to choose your single action shooting belt and loading strip:

  1. What are the others using? If you really have no idea on what to choose, the easiest way is to check out what the others are using. Majority of Single Action shooters opt for the single cartridge belt with loops for their shotgun and rifle ammunition. Ask around and see if this would also be the best choice for you.
  2. The number of loops. The number of loops on your cartridge belt is mostly up to you. As a guide, it’ll be good to stick with something that has at least 12 shot-shell loops and 10 caliber-specific loops. This will guarantee that you have enough ammunition to carry around for reloads during competition.
  3. To clip or not to clip. Loading strips or loading blocks come in a variety of designs. Some of these may clip to your gun belt, and some may not. Either type of loading strip is okay because you still get to bring with you the required number of rounds to the loading table.
  4. 10 is the magic number. Similar to how many caliber-specific loops you need to have on your cartridge belt, you would also need at least 10 rounds on either side of the strip. Again, the reason for this is to have enough ammunition with you for reloads during the competition.