Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is an offshoot of Single Action Shooting (or Cowboy Shooting). Here, a competitor is required to mount a horse through a course of fire while carrying the same equipment required in Single Action Shooting.

Sounds hard, right? It is.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is challenging. Here, a rider will have to compete in a timed event to shoot around 10 balloon targets with firearms loaded with black powder blank ammunition.

The stages designed for cowboy mounted shooters are often called “Mounted Revolver Competitions”. A mounted shooter will need 1900’s period-correct revolvers with 5 blanks per firearm.

There is also another form of Cowboy Mounted Shooting called the “Mounted Rifle”. Here, instead of just using a revolver, a rider would have to draw a lever-action pump from a scabbard and engage 5 rifle targets.

The third type is a competition where the rider will need a single revolver and a double-barrel shotgun to engage 7 targets.

Modern day Cowboy Mounted Shooting was first developed by Phil Spangenberger and Jim Rogers. Spangenberger is an Old West historian, researcher and writer with an innate love for the Old West. In his spare time, he would often shoot balloons with Old West firearms. Jim Rogers, on the other hand, is the founder of C.A.S-S.A.S.S Single Action Shooting Society. Rogers was the person who approached Spangenberger for help in developing the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.