What is Mounted Shooting?

Imagine a cowboy, or cowgirl, riding a horse with guns a blazing as he gallops away on a patterned course of fire...

What a sight, right?

That is Mounted Shooting.

Mounted Shooting is one of the fastest equestrian sports and is a total spin-off of the ever-growing sport of Single Action Shooting.

The sport of Mounted Shooting is an interesting one. It combines certain elements of the Wild West, along with a huge amount of equestrian and sharpshooting skills.
In this sport, as with Single Action Shooting, mounted shooters are required to take on the use of an alias. This alias will be like your trademark and this is how you will be called in every SASS event and competition. The alias needs to be related to the Old West, either by history or fiction (books, movies).
There are various divisions in Mounted Shooting. There is the Divisions 1-5, Ladies 1-5, Junior, Senior Limited, Senior Open, Junior and Cart Divisions. Regardless of the division you will be assigned to, all new mounted shooters will start at level 1. As you rank better over time, you will be promoted to the next level until you reach the highest possible level.

Mounted Shooting is a fun and exciting sport, whether to join or to experience. And the dressing up will be the best part of all! Imagine sporting a look that cowboys used to wear in the Old West back in the early 1900s!

If you’re a huge fan of the Old West and would like to experience how it was like back then, then join a local club. If you’re no expert on a horse, you can always try your luck with Single Action Shooting.

It’s an experience to remember for a lifetime!