Choosing an Alias with SASS

Single Action Shooting is an exciting and unique sport that relives the days of cowboys, ranchers and vaqueros. It doesn’t just test your shooting skills and accuracy, but also gives you a chance to dress up in cowboy clothing and celebrate the way of the cowboy with other like-minded folks.

So, if you’re into the Old West and the Cowboy lifestyle, you better join one of the Single Action Shooting groups.

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is one of the most renowned groups for Single Action Shooters. If you’re interested in joining, you gotta prepare your alias. Each member of SASS gets to choose a unique alias or a name to represent your character from the Old West. It has to be unique and can come from Old Western movies, books or from the history books.

To learn more about choosing a SASS alias, here are the rules:

  1. Your alias should be “printable” before an audience
  2. No duplications allowed.
  3. If it “sounds” the same, it is the same.
  4. You can’t variations like “too”, “two” or “II”, etc
  5. It is acceptable to change “Ranger” and make it “Texas Ranger” but it can’t be changed to “The Ranger”. The same goes for middle initials and second names.
  6. Historical names can’t be modified.

With members joining daily, the SASS Alias Registry is updated daily. To guarantee that your alias has no duplicates, confirm your alias with the Registry.

Any changes to your alias will result in a “name change fee”, so choose carefully.