Safety in Single Action Shooting

Single Action Shooting or Cowboy Shooting is probably the most interesting shooting competition out there today. Not only do you get to relive the days of the Old West, you also get to test your skills in shooting with cowboy guns!

As with any other shooting competition, safety must always come first. To learn more about safety rules and regulations in Single Action Shooting, here are some of the details:

  1. Shooting Glasses

First and foremost, shooting glasses need to be worn at all times. This would commence when you’re next in line to compete and until you put your guns back on the table after you’ve competed.

  1. Loading

All shooters need to load their guns under the supervision of a loading official. Six-shooters are always loaded with just 5 rounds and an empty chamber right under the hammer. A rifle also needs to be loaded with the right amount of rounds with the hammer down on an empty chamber. Shotguns are loaded on the clock.

  1. Range Officer

The Range Officer is the person who is responsible for overall safety during the shooting match. They must be able to supervise all competitors through each stage of the competition. The responsibility of a Range Officer is not just on the targets, but mostly on the shooter and their equipment. For instance, it is the job of a range officer to immediately stop anyone who has a defective gun or if the firearm or ammunition is not completely safe.