Single Action Shooting Categories

Single Action Shooting matches have different categories for the different types of competitors. Some are based on age, others are based on shooting skills. All categories are open for both men and women.

Here are the main types of Single Action Shooting Categories:

Traditional Category – This is the category where competitors can only use revolvers with fixed sights.

Cowboy – All ages

Wrangler – 36 years old and older

Forty-Niner – 49 years old and older

Senior – 60 years old and older

Silver Senior – 65 years old and older

Elder Statesman – 70 years old and older

Frontier Cartridge – Black powder is used in all guns rather than smokeless powder.

Frontiersman – Cap and ball revolvers are used duelist-style together with side by side double barrel or lever action shotguns.

B-Western – Competitors need to wear clothing inspired from the B Western movies of the early 1900’s. Gun belts, holster rigs and spurs are an absolute requirement for all the Roy Rogers’ and William Boyds taking part of this shooting match.

Wild Bunch – This category is based on the famous Western film, The Wild Bunch. Here, competitors will be using a Colt 1911 pistol instead of the standard revolvers and a Winchester 1897 instead of the double-barrel shotguns.

Duelist – This category is based on how guns are shot. In the duelist match, a competitor will only be using one hand to shoot revolvers.

Gunfighter – In a gunfighter match, a competitor can use 2 revolvers at the same time but only when allowed. If not, they can shoot their left-side revolver with their left hand and their right-side revolver with their right hand.