Where to Get Ideas for Your Cowboy Action Shooting Costume

Single Action Shooting, or Cowboy Action Shooting, requires a lot of preparation. And this doesn’t just pertain to your shooting skills! The dressing up part is probably the most time-consuming part when you’re just starting out.

To know what to wear, you need to do a little research about the type of clothing they used to wear in the Old West back in the early 1900s. If you don’t want to dig up photos, you can always go the easy way and watch Old Western movies.

Many of the Single Action Shooters take great lengths to come up with the most amazing costumes. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money first, you can always ask for tips from some of the veteran shooters in your local club. Or, even better, visit one of the Single Action Shooting events and see for yourself.

If you’re new to Single Action Shooting, don’t stress yourself over your costumes. You’re given a couple of months to come up with your usual garb to events and competitions.

In case you need a list of the things you would need, here are some of the items you might have to add to your checklist:

  • Cowboy hat
  • Leather vest or jacket
  • Gun holsters and belts
  • Chaps
  • Cowboy boots

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Remember: You don’t have to spend a fortune on your costume. What is important is that you depict the character you’re portraying and that you enjoy the whole experience.